Warcats Win Super II Spot

There ended up being 7 slots available for the Super II league and 12 teams trying to qualify. The format of the tournament was horrible. A random draw to seed the teams so it was anyone guess who we would be playing. Win your first game and you get one of the open slots. The six losing teams would play a single elimination tournament for the last slot. We ended up playing a decent team, but they only had 10 players. We had 16 of ours show up. They didn't look very good the first half, which isn't completely unexpected. It was their first game and there are a lot of new kids on the team and most of the old kids were playing in new positions. We were down 1-0 at the half. Graham scored a beautiful penalty kick in the second half to tie the game. Chris scored at the end of the half, but was then called off sides. I am not so sure that he actually was, though. Tie games go to penalty kicks. After the first 5 we were still tied. Daniel managed to block one in sudden death and we ended up with a Super II slot. I think that they will do OK once they play together a little bit more. I am looking forward to a good season. The only bad thing is that our home games will be in San Antonio so we'll be doing a lot of driving.


Soccer to Start

Graham's soccer team is hoping to move to Super II. Their qualifying tournament is next weekend in San Marcos. Based on the spring season where they were playing some not so good Super II teams, it doesn't look promising. They have picked up a keeper and at least one boy who can finish so maybe that will be enough to take one of the open slots. We don't have any information on the tournament yet except the dates so it is going to be one of those last minute things. Hopefully they will play well enough to move up. Not sure what will happen if they don't, play DII in one of the north leagues would be best.



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