September 2013

Back to School for Everyone

Scott has to teach today. The semester starts late this year and he isn't done until almost Christmas. Sounds like a really stupid schedule to me, but then no one asked for my input. He has been super busy with his coordinator job. We haven't seen him much the last couple of weeks. I don't know if things will slow down now that school has started. I kind of doubt it.

Graham is in his second week of school. It seems that he might have a decent year. We'll see how the school work goes. He volunteered to play tenor sax in the band. I think that is pretty cool. The school actually provides the tenor sax so we didn't have to buy one for him. If he likes it and decides to keep playing in high school we might get him one later. He is having a little bit of trouble with it. Apparently you have to hold the mouth piece different then the alt sax. He is getting the hang of it though. He just needs lots of practice.

Soccer games supposedly start next weekend. I am not counting on it. I don't remember the league ever starting when they first say they will. We went all summer without enough kids on the team, but now have 13 so at least they can play. I think the team will shape up pretty well. The trainers are good and there seems to be a lot of potential on the team. Soccer is 5 days a week right now. It will be 6 when games start. Graham is trying to get out of training on Wednesdays. I think he will go a couple more times and see what the homework load is like. He is playing very well and I would like him to keep it up.

Just work for me right now. It is horribly tedious, but hopefully I can move on to something more interesting in a week or so. I am moving the web stie to a content management system and it is a pain. I have also been putting together a web site for Graham's soccer trainers. That has been more fun.