A New Year

We are one month into 2013 and it is life as usual at our place. The new semester started for Scott last week. He is teaching a double section of CS1. We'll see how that goes. Scott has rebuilt the flowerbed in the backyard after we had to dig everything up for a gas leak. I need to get the weed mat down and start putting in some flowers. Scott says that he is going to build a fountain. Hopefully that will happen. Graham has just started the 4th grading period for the year. He needs to work harder. His grades are less then stellar. Graham has moved to a new soccer team. This is a really good opportunity for him. He needs to work really hard to earn a spot on the team in the fall. If he doesn't do that, I am not sure that there will be any other teams for him to play on. He says he wants to do this so we'll see if he steps up. Work for me is about the same. I am enjoying using Ruby on Rails. Makes web development really nice.